Friday, February 17, 2006


I am pleased to report that I have found a fridge. It's in Kigali, so I'll have to get a truck to carry it up here. I am also acquiring free, custom-made furniture...the Catholic parish is home to a carpentry shop (go fig--Christian carpenters!) and they are going to build me everything I need! I've requested some shelves for the kitchen, a couch, a little table, and a bedframe. (I believe that my mattress has been infested with bed bugs since it's on the floor.) Since I'm going to leave everything here, they're not going to charge me (but I'm going to give them a small donation anyway).

I haven't paid my first month's rent because the finance guy for the parish told me not to pay until he had written the contract. At the time, he asked me if I wanted to write it. I was a bit surprised, and told him to write it. But...several weeks in, and he told me he hasn't gotten around to it. (This is very Rwandan, by the way.) So I sat down and wrote the best housing contract ever, in French, yesterday. Good practice if I'm going to be a lawyer someday, I guess. :)


Blogger Annick La Reine Shimwa said...

Hi! I was surfing the internet and I accidentally found this blog. I enjoyed reading your experience in my home country and I am proudly telling you that Rwanda has changed. The Rwanda of 2006 is nothing compared to this one of 2015 reason why I'm humbly asking you to take your time and come back to see all the changes you missed... if possible of course. You're probably asking yourself "who does this? inviting a stranger to your country as if you're the owner of the land" but then, I'm this simple girl who loves her country and who likes to show off what we reached so far.

5/25/2015 10:35 AM  
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