Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Repacking. With clubbing clothes. No joke.

I talked to the girl who interned at UNHCR again. I casually asked her about dress. I mean, I have stacks of khakis, jeans, frumpy shirts, and the like.

She said, "Everyone dresses up to go to work. Polo shirts and khakis. Loafers."

Therefore, I am moving from DC to......DC.

Then, she said, "But they won't fault you for only having frumpy stuff. I mean, you only have one suitcase."

I immediately started repacking my suitcases in my head. I say "in my head," because it's 5 am on the day of my departure and I haven't packed yet.

And then she added, "Oh, and don't be afraid to bring some black pants and some going-out tops. Like the kind you'd wear to a bar downtown. Rwandan women go out, and they can whore it up even better than we can." This is a direct quote. I believe I wrote it down when she said it.

She recounted a time when she wore her frumpy stuff into a chic lounge (cover charge: $6, which is REALLY expensive for most Rwandans) and was nearly stared out of the place.

Similarly, shorts are a no-no unless you're 1) 12 years of age or younger, or 2) running. Apparently they remind people of colonial days...and people will openly make fun of you. Again, mental repacking.

T-13 hours, packing incomplete, nerves at about 98%. I'm mentally ready to go, but I'm going to miss everyone terribly, and that's been harder to deal with.


Anonymous ginny said...

I have complete faith in your ability to pack an excellent and appropriate suitcase.

1/18/2006 2:58 PM  
Anonymous MappyB said...

good luck! what an exciting adventure. i'm a new reader, and looking forward to future posts.

1/19/2006 9:17 AM  
Anonymous Mike Sulmeyer said...

Give'em hell out there, MoCo. You're going to do great.

1/19/2006 10:42 PM  
Anonymous Lululemon clothing said...

You will want a slip or spanks or something as support with thin dresses. (Not sheer, just thin.) Ultimately, I'm really happy with mine. I wore it to sing with a jazz band, and it was a HUGE hit.

5/07/2014 3:44 AM  

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