Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nkamira soccer

A young refugee with his homemade soccer ball. It is made of plastic bags and string.
The undefeated boys' soccer team at the refugee camp with the last ball I gave them... They're really tough on soccer balls! I wanted to take a picture of the two girls' teams, but apparently they weren't ready for a photo shoot (girls everywhere are the same...they have to primp before a photo! :)

And one action photo! Most of them play barefoot or in sandals. Tennis shoes (any shoes, for that matter) are a real luxury.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howdy! The soccer-league-in-a-box should be on it's way soon (or maybe already there?) - can't wait to see some updated pictures! Of course, the posters you requested just arrived in Maryland. I'll forward through the post office asap.

5/22/2006 2:44 PM  
Blogger Morgan C. said...

aha! i heard that i had a package at the post office in Kigali, and wasn't sure what on earth it could be. it must be that (which gives the postal service a great deal of credit, since it seems to take about 2 months for everything else!)

the soccer-league-in-a-box has arrived and i will talk about it in my next post!!! thanks to everyone!

6/02/2006 9:27 AM  

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